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Common questions about me and my services.

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I’ve used consultants in the past. They’ve all talked a big game but actually done very little. How do I know you will deliver tangible results?

I always want to deliver value and results for my clients, big or small. Firstly, I don’t charge for the initial Discovery meeting, as this is my opportunity to better understand your challenges and to assess if I can really help you. If I’m not your man, I will tell you there and then, and probably recommend another consultant that I think is better suited to your needs.

Some consultants are happy to be paid a lot of money to produce a lengthy report, but are not so keen to get their hands dirty. But, I’m all about the execution! As a part of this, I work in collaboration with you and your team to help implement the recommended changes. In my experience, having a hands-on tactical approach to consulting is the only way to guarantee the results I promise to deliver.

You won’t be locked into a fixed contract either. If, for some reason, you are not happy with the way things are going, you can stop working with me immediately, without paying any penalties. I am happy to offer this clause, as I really don’t believe you will ever need it!

I have an internal team, why do I need an external consultant?

It’s the old adage of working ‘In’ a business rather than ‘On’ it. As a busy agency owner or senior director, you’re probably up to your eyeballs dealing with the issues that land on your desk every day. When do you actually have the time to step back and take a good look at your agency?

By working with me, you’ll have access to an expert who knows what it takes to run a successful creative business. But, I also bring the benefit of an unbiased 'bird's-eye view' of your agency. This vantage point gives me the unique opportunity to make recommendations that are objective and have your agency's best interests at heart.

It can also be lonely at the top. Having an experienced ear to use as a confidential sounding board can help you to make the tough decisions required to drive your agency forward. As your trusted advisor, I work with you to identify your short, medium, and long-term goals. From there, I can help you achieve them.

How much do you charge?

As every project and change program is different, it is not possible to have a set cost for my services. All my proposals are tailored to meet the individual needs of my clients, so my fees have to remain flexible. I’m happy to go with a set project fee, day rate or a monthly retainer - whatever works best for you.

As an example of my fees, an Evaluation for an agency of between 25 to 45 people would be around £3,500 to £5,500. For that I will audit your entire agency - team structure, workflow, procedures, systems, financial management, business development, and beyond.

After the Evaluation, I will give you a detailed report that highlights all the areas that are a barrier to growth in your agency, together with an action plan to overcome them.

If you decide to go ahead with my recommendations, I would love to work with you and your team to help with the implementation. We can work out a fee and payment structure that meets your needs and budget.

How do you differ from other creative agency consultants?

For starters, my area of expertise is in creative operations. As such, I don’t attempt to solve every agency problem. I leave business development, agency proposition, and M&As to other better suited experts and just stick to what I know best - maximising agency profitability. I offer practical solutions to internal operational issues with real tangible and measurable results. In this way, you get real value and depth from my services.

I pride myself on my ability to build strong working relationships with my clients and their teams. My approach is highly collaborative and ego-free. I’m always prepared to listen to other people's ideas, views and opinions. Although I like to think that I know best, I accept that at times there are better solutions! At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is a successful outcome for my clients.

In addition, you're not locked into a long-term program. I only stick around for the time I’m actually needed. Once things are fixed, I move on to my next engagement. All my services are bespoke to every agency and charged accordingly, as I believe this is the fairest and most cost-effective option for my clients.

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