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Manish was brought on board to help us scale, and he quickly got to the heart of our challenges. He implemented a thorough agency audit, making the time to speak to every employee, and involving all key stakeholders, which was completed in weeks (not months). This process in itself generated a positive buzz amongst the agency, thanks to his unique friendly, inclusive, business-therapist style. The resulting recommendations and actions have immediately improved not just our operations and profit margin, but our company culture too. We couldn’t recommend him more highly but would prefer to keep him a secret for ourselves.

Daniel Glover
Co-Founder at The Academy

When you’re busy working on creative it can be hard to dedicate just as much time into all the other things that go into running a successful agency. In a short period, Manish has been able to cut through the noise of day-to-day design and offer Colt a new perspective that’s added real clarity to the way we run the business today as well as the kind of business we want to be in the future. He's helped us confirm things we thought we knew, educated us about things we didn’t and always did so in a calm and thoughtful way that felt specific to our agency, rather than cookie-cutter for all. His insights are invaluable for any agency that wants to move forward in a positive and profitable way.

Alex Chappell
Hospitality branding specialist at Colt

We worked with Manish on an Operations Audit for our social media agency. Manish was awesome to work with, he was relaxed, generous with his time and made the whole process a pleasure. He spent time really getting to know our team and diving deep into our business - he was then able to distil this into a wide number of recommendations and suggestions. Highly recommend!

Alex Bodini
CEO & Co-Founder at Spin Brands

Manish brings a level of clarity and honesty to process challenged creative businesses. He is great at stepping back, digging into the detail and giving a strategic outsiders perspective in what needs to change and why, to improve productivity. At innocent he has been invaluable at giving us the support and tools needed for us to work better as a creative function. As our mediator he has also, supported improved communication across the business as well as with external suppliers which has led to richer creative work.

Hannah Dunt
Head of Packaging at Innocent Drinks

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