My story

Building on decades of experience in the creative industry. From Junior Designer to Studio Manager to the Executive Operations Director at a global design agency.

Seeing the path ahead.

I’ve worked in the creative industries for over 25 years, helping agencies implement growth strategies, establish productive teams, increase efficiency and raise profitability.

Today, I’m helping agency owners and directors structure their businesses to share the same advantages, across design, advertising, marketing and digital sectors.

Before launching my own consultancy practice, I was the Executive Operations Director at Design Bridge, a leading global design agency and part of the WPP group.

Responsible for managing the internal operations across 5 international studios, my work in process implementation, best pratice, talent management, revenue forecasting, HR, production, art buying and financial management for this major agency taught me the most important lessons in creative industry operations.

What drives me is seeing a difference being made to the people I work for: the agency owners and directors responsible for producing incredible creative work while managing thriving businesses. When things are stressful, difficult, and the path ahead seems unclear, I can bring the ideas and changes that let you enjoy running your business again.

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