The way I do things

Proven, Measurable, Effective.

Understanding your needs.

We’ll begin with a discovery meeting where you can detail your business challenges, and together we can identify barriers to growth. After the meeting, you’ll receive my summary with a proposal. This will include how I propose to gain the knowledge of your agency’s day-to-day operations.

These insights lead to a detailed report explaining how you can improve the efficiency and profitability of your agency. The initial meeting is free, and helps you think constructively about the future of your business, even if you decide that you’re not ready to use a consultant service just yet.

Making plans for change.

If you decide to proceed, the next step is a complete agency audit to investigate the concerns raised in the discovery phase, and to uncover any hidden issues. Experience teaches that one problem is invariably connected to another, and that tackling them simultaneously is the key to resolving them.

I will evaluate your entire internal operations, reviewing every department and team structure, as well as assessing your current procedures, systems and workflow. The highly detailed report that follows from the audit highlights all the areas that must be addressed, and an action plan that explains how to implement and manage the change.

Putting the pieces in place.

To implement change successfully into your agency, you’ll need the right internal structure and systems to support it. I’ll work with you and your team to establish the best team structure, one that will enable the level of growth you want.

My approach to systems and processes is minimalist: I believe in lean processes that enhance efficiency and free creativity. I’ll help your team find the level of process that works, and assess the tech that can help them deliver at their best.

Measurable success for good.

I’m here to see results. You’ll enjoy regular contact, and I’ll continue the dialogue with your team to monitor the change and safeguard their successes. This means I’m able to oversee the plans as they’re implemented and report back to you on progress.

Results are tested and measured, and adjusted if circumstances demand a different course. But it’s only the beginning of your story: to really build on the measured success that change brings your agency, we can make a plan to achieve the next phase of your growth.
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